Anniversary Acrostic

Note: I am an awful person and always forget to get an anniversary card for my husband until the last minute….not a great effort for only 3 years of marriage. This week, I ended up with the last card in the petrol station which was not in the least bit anniversary-related, and 30 minutes before we left for dinner, I penned a quick acrostic poem whilst putting on my lipstick! I ended up really enjoying having a “deadline” to write something which was surprising. Although it is somewhat messy and imperfect, it came from the heart and my husband loved it, which is the most important thing…

Husband; my all, my constant, my
Unwavering source of life, air and
Sunshine. I bask in your light and
Bathe in your steady waters.
And when the storm comes loud and strong, your
North Star guides me to shelter, and we
Dance once more under a perfect August sky.

Poem by Rachel Watts, 2017
Photo by Lel Hurst Photography, 2014





Poem: Shield

fingers spring to life
like magnets drawn to skin.
quash the urge to touch him
slay the need to live within.

lift the shield and raise
the drawbridge to your heart.
watch love drown; dig a hole
so deep it tears the world apart.

turn your back and let
the madness take a hold.
kill your truth; hide your soul
put your past out in the cold.

still he stays and gives
his warmth to thaw your heart.
disarm your shield and pray
that never shall you part.

Poem by Rachel Watts, 2017

Poem: Brave Face

Note: My friend and I once discussed all the things that people had said to us over the years, to try to pull us out of periods of anxiety and depression. This conversation is what inspired me to write this poem. Although a little tongue in cheek, it means something to me because I can look back on a difficult time and see two things clearly: 1) I am so grateful for some of the ways people closest to me tried to help (and still do!), and 2) When I think back to some of those less helpful “get over it!” comments, it still hurts.

Brave Face

see your friends.
don’t medicate.

put on your best brave face my dear,
please pull yourself together.
now cast aside your veil of sorrow,
endure the stormy weather.

don’t drink away your fears my love,
however harsh and constant.
numb your mind with dreariness,
blast your ears with nonsense.

play a game of “better” mate,
push those worries from your head.
don’t shroud yourself in darkness,
don’t waste the day in bed.

force the knots out of your stomach,
fill your heart with joyous light.
grasp it,
clutch it,
close your fingers tight,
don’t let it seep out,

don’t let the darkness in my friend,
override it (quick!), with grace.
it’s easy pal, I’ll show you how,
just put on that brave face.

Poem by Rachel Watts © 2017

Midnight Sanctuary: Poem

you’re gone

the night stretches out ahead
like a black dessert waiting
to be endlessly roamed

stranded in a pillow wasteland
a sleepless purgatory, singing
melodies of bedfellows lost

smells and memories, cling to sheets
intoxicating familiarity
invading incoherent reveries

restless slumber slips away
exchanged for cold reality
devoid of midnight sanctuary

destitute of nocturnal refuge
shelter sculpted from skin and bones
love, and sweet elusive peace

how hopeless it was to dream
if only for a part of you
but still I lay in wait

Poem by Rachel Watts © 2017

Poem: sunny nostalgia

the sun envelops me,
its rays a scorching blanket, draped around my shoulders.
warmth seeps into my chest,
igniting my spirit, bringing my heart to life.

a gentle breeze caresses my skin,
I close my eyes and feel it cool upon my face.
a smile breaks free as nature’s soft embrace helps lift me,
up to a place where I can dream of summers past.

orchestral waves playing their sweet melody upon the sandy shore,
the refreshing mist welcome on hot salty skin.

endless beaches stretching out for miles ahead,
the sunset sand delicious underfoot.

lazy legs dangling from the quayside,
playful toes dancing magnified beneath the surface.

lush green meadows with weeping willows,
whispering promises of adventure and freedom.

sizzling coals and hazy laughter,
hearts swelling with weekend conviviality.

ice cold rapture sickly sweet on tongues,
a blissful respite from the endless heat.

echoes of shrieking children and garden hoses,
raining down on thirsty flower beds and young skin.

deep, unexpected cracks of thunder,
bringing happy relief to humid souls.

through restful eyes, I feel the garden grow darker,
the steel of the swing seat cold beneath my thighs.
the slow drip, trickle of the rain nudges me to consciousness,
but sunny nostalgia keeps my heart ablaze.

Poem & Photo by Rachel Watts © 2017

Rainy Solitude

Your sad sweet music brings new life,
Your gentle score soothes pain and strife.
Your stubborn rage strikes hard the street,
Your rhythm sounds without retreat.

Relentless tears gush down the pane,
Like blood shoved doggedly through veins.
Mist rises fast, soaks into skin,
I turn on heel and run within.

My door becomes a barricade,
As right outside, your storm cascades.
Some dream all day of endless sun,
I smile; my rainy solitude has begun.

Poem by Rachel Watts, 2017

poem: day off

toes swim in crisp white sheets,
tired bones cocooned in bliss,
reluctant eyes blink open, cautious,
shutting tight on glimpsing dawn.

late to rise and lazy breakfast,
sun’s sweet kiss on morning skin,
seducing souls from dreary chores,
basking in forbidden light.

lost pursuits enticing still,
ballet shoes and rusty limbs,
musty books bring sweet escape,
whilst lavender revives the soul.

music unsnarls muddled thoughts,
pen to paper, urgent hands
painting words across the page,
untethered from work’s constraints.

mind drifting in daytime dreams,
awoken by looming twilight,
gaze avoiding ticking hands,
heart sinking at chants of tomorrow.

Poem by Rachel Watts © 2017